Closed or Open End Lease

Closed-End Lease

A CLOSED-END lease is a NO WORRY lease.

Our CLOSED-END lease agreement eliminates price volatility in the marketplace, so not only do you know your costs from month to month, but for the entire life of the lease.

You won’t worry about rate fluctuations or seasonal influences. You won’t worry about payments going up. And you won’t worry what your responsibilities are at lease end. Because all you do is walk away. Or, if a vehicle’s market value is still high, buy it. This decision is in your court-always.

Open-End Lease

Lower Payment. Higher responsibility.

Depending on your specific situation, you may opt for an open-end lease (also referred to as a finance or capital lease). Many companies choose this for its overall lower monthly lease payment, leaving room in the budget for other things. However, unlike the closed-end, NO RISK lease, you take full responsibility for the vehicle’s residual at lease end value.

Additionally, there are many fluctuating factors to consider with an open-end lease agreement – like resale values, seasonal influences, interest rates and mileage. At Brambilla’s, we’re experts in helping you minimize these risks with expert counseling and unrivaled resources.